Our Range

Kinkaccessories.com is known for having a great range of heavy rubber accessories. Come see us at any show and you can find some of the best bags for boys and girls, and a huge range of collars, some of the coolest available for anyone with even a slight eye for kink.

If gas masks are your thing,  we have loads of different styles. These are really well priced and of the highest quality available.

Our range of corsets and waist cinchers is a must for boys and girls. We stock a small but perfectly formed range of absolutely marvellous man-corsets. That's proper corsets, cut for guys. Corsetry is a dark art and girls' corsets just don't fit the discerning chap. So we have hunted high and low and now work with a local corsetiƩre to bring to you some simple yet effective designs. Whether you're thin or more chunky, you can look fab. We stock also a big range of heavy rubber and latex waist cinchers that look awesome and complement any outfit, even normal streetwear.

We also love our jewellery too. Our range of affordable steel, leather and rubber jewellery will help you to look great.

If you're looking for latex, we also sell a range of latex accessories here,
and latex clothing on our sister site www.latex101.com