Hello! Welcome to KinkAccessories.com!

You may know us as the lovely boys from Latex 101, Stewart and Richard. We design and make a range of latex clothing and accessories. We work from our workshop - come - house in our sleepy yorkshire village of Beckwithshaw with our cat Chuckie.

We spend much of our life travelling round the UK and Europe selling our wares at fetish fairs such as the London Alternative Market, London Fetish Fair, Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar, Rubbered Up North, Erotica, Venus Berlin, Fetish Evolution, German Fetish Ball, BoundCon, and many more. 

We make lots of funky accessories ourselves, but also, on our travels, we found some great things to make you look and feel fabulous. Sometimes, it's hard to find exactly what you're looking for to top off that look, so we have put together the best ranges of accessories in all of kink-dom in one place.

We stock almost everything on this website and hardly anything is made to order, so you can be sure that if you need to feel fabulous, right now, that we can help.

And that's us all really, we’re happy to make your acquaintance. Happy shopping!